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I would highly recommend Jan to any family who is facing the challenging and often emotionally charged college search process....more
--Nora Knox, mother of Madison, University of Oregon, Clark Honors College, 2015

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Finding the right college can be daunting
Although applying to college can be a stressful experience it does not need to be. The goal of College Planning Consultants is to guide students and parents through the entire college application and admissions process, helping to explore the many educational opportunities available. Because each high school student is different and has varied academic, social and extra-curricular needs, we provide individual college counseling to students and parents so that a good match is made with the best fit college. This does not necessarily mean the most prestigious college, but rather the college or university which will give the student academic and social skills that will prepare him or her for a productive and rewarding future.

What we do
The college counseling process will begin with an indepth interview and completion of questionnaires by the student and parents and will conclude with assistance in making the final college choice. Included will be:

Individual, personalized college counseling for the student as well as the parents

Complete review of high school transcripts, SAT and ACT scores, extracurricular activities

Counseling for course selection and extracurricular activities if needed

Counseling students to help them identify academic and extracurricular strengths and interests

Formation of a comprehensive college list that will provide the student with choices when making a final decision

Provide financial aid and scholarship information

Assistance with college selection, application management and deadlines

Guidance for college visits and interviews

Brainstorming college essay topics and critique of content and grammar

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